Banzai Online Financial Literacy

Mid Carolina Credit Union is proud to partner with Banzai, the award-winning financial education program used by millions of teachers and students around the country. Now your family can experience real-world financial lessons in a fun, safe way. MCCU wants to help you and your kids achieve financial success, so we're offering this financial literacy program totally FREE to our members! Banzai is a "learn by doing" program that teaches healthy spending habits, planning ahead and financial responsibility through online interactive games. It's completely web-based so there's no need to install any software - you have full access from anywhere, anytime. There are three courses offered for different age groups:

BANZAI JUNIOR (ages 8 - 12) Focuses on income, budgeting, savings, borrowing and making trade-offs: A child sets out to learn about money by starting a lemonade stand, opening his or her first savings account, and saving for a new bike.

BANZAI TEEN (ages 13 -18) Focuses on rent, credit cards, auto loans, insurance and taxes: Follow the life of a recently graduated high school student, holding a job, working late hours, and making do with what life sends.

BANZAI PLUS (ages 18 and older) Focuses on credit score, insurance, taxes, mortgages and identity theft: Tackle adult financial dilemmas, such as maintaining good credit, buying insurance, understanding taxes, and qualifying for a mortgage.

Also included for free is an online library with in-depth articles to help you master your finances. Topics include budgeting, insurance, retirement, buying a house, taxes, life changes, borrowing and credit, smart living, starting a business and more! Start having fun while learning about finances online today!


Banzai for Schools & Educators

Mid Carolina Credit Union is a strong advocate of financial literacy.  We believe that when kids learn about money and saving at a young age they will grow up to be financially savvy! For this reason we have partnered with Banzai to offer FREE financial literacy curriculum, to the educators and students in our areas high schools for FREE. Over 30,000 teachers in all fifty states use Banzai to teach students how to manage their money. Click below to learn more about Banzai's premium online financial literacy program and our community impact.