Fraud Prevention


Whether you bank online, in person or over the phone, Mid Carolina Credit Union is committed to protecting you from criminal activity such as identity theft and fraud.  If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft and or have fraudulent activity on your account, please contact us by calling 803-432-8521 or by visiting your nearest branch.

Help protect yourself from fraud by:  

  • Reporting lost or stolen cards immediately.

  • Regularly update your account information including email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Monitor all debit and credit card activity using our FREE CardValet app. Spending alerts and balance alerts will help you keep track of suspicious activity, while the on/off feature gives you control over your card and when it can be used. 

  • Memorize your PIN – don't write it down. If you do write it down, don't write it on your card or keep it in the same place as your card.

  • Review your Credit Report Annually. is the only authorized online source for you to get a free credit report under federal law. You may also receive your free credit report by calling 1-877-322-8228.

Identity Theft

Identity thieves can strike even if you've been very careful with your personal information. Criminals use social media, dumpster diving, social engineering, and other activities to gather information about you before creating a false identity. 

Identity theft indicators:

  • Failing to receive normal bills or other mail.

  • Receiving cards or billing statements on accounts for which you did not apply.

  • Receiving calls from debt collectors or companies about merchandise or services you didn't buy.


If you think you may be a victim of identity theft, take these steps:

  • File a police report with the local police department. Get a copy of the report to submit to your creditors and others that may require proof of the crime.

  • Report the fraud to your financial institution. 

  • Notify one of the three major credit bureaus and place a fraud alert on credit report: 

Equifax 1-800-525-6285
PO Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374-0241

Experian 1-888-397-3742
PO Box 9530
Allen, TX 75013

Transunion 1-800-680-7289
Fraud Victim Assistance Division
PO Box 6780
Fullerton, CA 92634-6790

Mobile Device Security

Consider these tips to help you stay safe and secure when you're using our My Mid Carolina Credit Union mobile tools:

  • Keep your mobile device updated. It's a good idea to always update your device's operating system and applications. These updates can help you protect your device against new vulnerabilities.

  • Manage your privacy settings. Monitor how apps use your personal information. Make sure you feel comfortable with the way they use these details. For example, some apps share your location and phone number with other people in your vicinity.

  • Password protect your mobile device. Set your device to lock when it's not being used. This will help prevent someone from getting access to your personal data.

  • Be cautious using Public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi networks are easy targets for hotspot hackers. Don’t set up your devices to automatically connect to Wi-Fi, turn off your sharing settings and use a VPN when possible. When using mobile devices, it’s safer to use your data plan to connect wirelessly when entering passwords, credit card information or other details that you need to keep secure.

  • Log out of apps that use personal information. Remember to log out when you finish using apps that require you to login with personal information, like banking and bill pay apps.

  • Install mobile security software on your device. This protects you against malicious software (malware) and computer viruses.

  • Install software to find and remotely wipe your mobile phone. This software can help you locate your phone via GPS or remotely remove all data from your device, if it’s lost or stolen. There are a variety of security apps available that offer this feature.

  • Don't modify your phone's operating system. This is also known as jailbreaking, which violates your device's warranty and exposes it to more security threats.

  • Question QR codes. QR codes (short for “quick response codes”) are images that contain data that can be read by your phone’s camera. Scammers have been known to create fake QR codes that automatically download malware onto your mobile device. Protect yourself by not scanning QR codes posted in public spaces. Fraudsters will often place a fraudulent QR code sticker on top of a legitimate advertisement like a billboard or transit ad.

ATM & Card Security

At Mid Carolina Credit Union, your safety is a priority, but it is important to understand that your personal safety begins with you. There are steps that you can take to make yourself and your belongings more secure.  Here are some general tips for you to improve your personal safety and specific information regarding ATM usage:

Personal Security:

  • Always pay attention to your surroundings, avoid distractions such as texting.

  • Park in well-lit areas only, avoid dark areas with visual obstructions.

  • Do not leave your vehicle running unattended, but keep your keys handy.

  • Lock your vehicle doors while you are inside and when leaving it out of your sight.

  • Trust your instincts, if something or someone makes you feel uneasy, move away.

  • Notify police anytime something or someone looks suspicious.

ATM Security Tips:

  • Choose locations with high visibility from roadways.

  • Stick to high traffic areas.

  • Remember good lighting is important at night.

  • Before you approach an ATM’s have your card in hand and ready for use.

  • Complete your business as quickly as possible and move to a secure location.

  • Secure cash out of sight as quickly as possible.

Preventing Credit/Debit Card Skimming

Credit/debit card skimming is a process used by thieves to steal your transaction card numbers to access your financial accounts.  Criminals like to target high volume locations such as gas stations, cash register card readers and ATMs.  In addition to the card data, the criminal must also capture your PIN number to be successful.  This is often done with a small camera mounted near the card reader.  To protect yourself, Mid Carolina Credit Union recommends the following:

  • Examine all cash register card readers and ATMs prior to use!

  • If you are familiar with a location, does it appear normal? 

  • Do you see broken security tape or tape residue near the card reader? If so, do not use. 

  • If the card reader protrudes from the device, pull and twist it to make sure it is secure. It should NOT come off.

  • Be wary of people looking over your shoulder or using a phone to video you entering your PIN. Always cover your PIN as you type.

  • If you suspect a machine or ATM has been tampered with, contact local law enforcement and report it immediately.